17/03/2020hour 9:00 - 15:00ul. Domaniewska 49 biuro RASP, 6 piętro, NEON, Warszawa

Digipharma 2020Jak skuteczniej docierać do pacjenta w sieci

Wydaje się, że w dobie powszechnej „samodiagnozy”, gdy użytkownicy na potęgę wykorzystują internet, aby „się leczyć” digital marketing powinien być podstawowym narzędziem marketerów z branży farmaceutycznej. Czy tak rzeczywiście jest? Na seminarium zobaczymy, jak marki z obszaru pharma radzą sobie w internecie.
28 / 03 / 2019hour 9:00 - 16:00PGE Narodowy Al. Ks. J. Poniatowskiego 1, Warszawa

impact day #leadershipimpact day

Seven hours of lectures, talks, exchange of experiences in 4 minutes. See how it was on Impact Day #leadership.

Digipharma 2020: Jak skuteczniej docierać do pacjenta w sieci


impact day #leadership: impact day

On March 28, 2019, the 9th edition of the Impact Day conference was held at PGE Narodowy in Warsaw

Its theme was #leadership. A rich program, Polish and foreign speakers, inspiring presentations, the opportunity to raise qualifications, an opportunity to exchange experiences and meet interesting people. All this attracted almost 450 people to the National Stadium.

Personalization of the message is slowly becoming not "nice to have" but "must have".

This is what the consumer expects, in this direction trends and technology development are moving.

Video as the main trend of native communication - about this at a seminar in Wroclaw on May 22nd

"Video is a new black" - said Mark Zuckerberg in 2017. On the Polish market, we needed a moment for this announcement to gain its power, but everything seems to indicate that this time has come. We'll talk about trends on the video market and how to incorporate video into a media plan at a seminar on May 22d in Wroclaw.

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impact day

impact day

Impact Day is one of the most important conferences of the marketing and media industry in Poland. Inspirational presentations, foreign speakers, the international environment creates an opportunity to improve qualifications, exchange experiences and meet interesting people.

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impact seminar

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